Moving pictures!

My primary role at Citystar® Group, Inc. and its ARG! Cartoon Animation division has been in video production. Over the past four years, I have created scores of HD videos.

My largest production, an animated birthday card commissioned by the president of a large corporation is almost 12 minutes long, has over 100 edits, and was edited in under 48 hours. Unfortunately, this project can't be shown publicly due to privacy concerns.

I typically use Photoshop, After Effects, Final Cut Pro (7 or X), Flash, and Quicktime Pro in assembling projects. On occasion I also use Blender, Maya, and Illustrator. Most projects are produced at 1080p resolution.

ARG! Cartoon Animation 2012 HD Demo

The goal of this project was to produce and edit an updated HD-only demo to replace the one from 2009 which was produced at DVD resolution.

I was in charge of selecting the projects from which to source clips, re-rendering them at 1080p resolution as necessary, selecting the best clips, and editing from start to finish.

"Dragging Ass" 60-second TV commercial

I worked on rendering, compositing, effects, and the complete edit for this 60-second TV commercial.

I rendered all of the Flash animations, overlaid them on backgrounds as necessary, created the 3D camera moves at the beginning and end, and added a few minor effects such as drop shadows and motion blur. The animated titles near the end were provided by the ad agency.

Citystar® 30-second TV commercial

For this project, I was given total creative license to produce a TV commercial based on a pre-built soundtrack. I created all the motion graphics using After Effects, then compiled them along with stock footage in Final Cut Pro 7.